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Create experiences
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Because every project is different, we customize our services to help you at every stage of the product journey.

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We’ve been delivering results for two decades. And counting.

User Insight is a full-service research and design firm providing flexible solutions to a wide variety of user experience problems. We bring together the best and brightest industry experts in the areas of user research, strategy, design, accessibility conformance, and innovation to power your brand’s success.

Qualitative Research

Discover the “why” behind your customers’ needs and wants.

With more than 14,000 hours of user research on B2B, B2C and B2E technology products, we understand the value of customer feedback. We work with your team’s goals and objectives to design the best approach for your research. Each project is specifically customized to your needs and budget. 

Our UX Testing services include:

  • Moderation and Discussion Guide Development
  • Heuristic and Task-Based Evaluations and Audits
  • User Assessments
  • Contextual Interviews
  • In-Lab One-on-One Interviews
  • Remote Testing
  • Focus Groups
  • Mobile & App Testing
  • Real-Time Mindmapping
  • Reporting With Recommendations
  • ADA/WCAG Audits and Compliance
  • GDPR & US Privacy Law Compliance


Quantitative Research

Measurable research, backed by user feedback.

We can help you back up your qualitative research with quantifiable data. This tangible asset can provide you with a more robust and reliable case for product innovation.

Incorporate Quantitative services to:

  • Understand specific preferences (A/B testing)
  • Determine quantifiable data insights into customer behavior
  • Verify and validate findings of qualitative research with a larger sample
  • Obtain demographic, attitudinal, and behavioral profiling across key groups
  • Understand drivers of and barriers to usage and inactivity

UX Design, Design Sprints & Prototyping

We can put research results into real-world practice.

We use an iterative approach to design and take advantage of the unique opportunity to talk to real consumers and professionals every day. This provides the benefit of true user-centered design without the added cost. Our design staff is directly involved in formalized research with real users. This research influences your ultimate design ensuring that your customer is always at the forefront of your efforts.

Our UX Design services include:

  • Visual Design
  • Low and High-Fidelity Wireframes & Prototypes
  • User Flows and Journey Mapping
  • Information Architecture
  • Persona Development
  • Requirements Creation
  • Design Thinking Sessions
  • Design Sprints

Recruiting Services

We find the right participants to include in your research.

Our database is constantly growing to provide quality recruits for your next project. In order to control quality and accommodate project volume, Ui brought recruiting in-house creating an onsite, full-time recruiting team including a 20,000+ person database in the Southeast, as well as a partner network of resources for projects conducted outside of the southeastern U.S. and internationally.  

  • Based on your demographic requirements, we build a screener that accurately captures the target audience
  • We reach out to participants through the Ui database, calling and emailing Client networks, and leveraging social networks
  • Recruits are qualified and confirmed for interviews and provided with any incentives after interviews are completed

To be a participant in our database and give feedback on products and services, create a profile at

We partner with our clients to help them:

Develop abstract ideas into actionable designs
Get feedback from users on concepts and turn them into actual designs. Reaching out to your users early in the design process can help you build only on ideas that you know will work.
Craft meaningful experiences
Our UX experts can help you design experiences with best UX practices in mind. Along with user flows we can also help with UI design.
Validate products with relevant users
Get in touch with users that will actually use your products. We conduct extensive studies with participants that are followed by artifacts that can help you make sound design decisions with your users’ help.
Drive adoption for increased efficiency
Often, low adoption rates are due to something in the user experience that is causing dropoff or friction. By identifying these pain points and correcting them, users will more quickly and easily adopt new technology.
Further design practices in your company Ultimately,

We can help you further your design vision. We want to be a part of the journey in creating beautiful products.

We thank our clients who invest in designing better user experiences for all.


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Our story started in 2002.

The idea was simple…make customer research faster, better and more relevant. With a foundation that spans decades, User Insight first opened its doors in 2002. Thousands of customer interviews and hundreds of client engagements later, we have become a full-service UX leader.

Over time, our knowledge and skill sets have evolved, allowing us to consult with our clients on both design and research, ultimately helping you create intuitive and desirable products that consider the unique behaviors and motivations of your customers.

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Signed our first Client. Bank of America and Checkfree to create a new way to pay bills online called Online Bill Pay


Added design best practices to our services.

Added prototyping to our services. Signed CDC as our first government client
Built our first lab to test Mobile Interfaces to test things called Mobile Apps. (No market research facility in Atlanta offered this)
Signed AT&T and Verizon as our first Telco clients. Signed SunTrust, now Truist (still a client)
Named Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies. Expanded into B2B user Experience Research with Cox Automotive, Toyota
Named Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies again. Expanded into Entertainment with Amazon, DirecTV and Netflix.
Built our 2nd lab (10,000 square feet, multiple rooms, state of the art technology)
Created our first retainer service offering to allow companies to conduct iterative research in a Sprint fashion with the Weather Channel
Expanded into B2E enterprise software user experience with InterContinental Hotels Group

Conducted research in our 10th country


Surpassed 500,000 hours of user research with over 10,000 users


Signed our 100th Client. More than 300 customers within those clients.

Built our 3rd user experience lab in Atlanta to include development and staffing services. Added gaming research services with Georgia Lottery

Expanded into Start Up research to help with commercialization with our corporate clients
including N-Kode


Entered the world of Crypto with BitPay