2013 Review: Top 10 things consumers and businesses needed help understanding


Screen Shot 2013-12-30 at 3.31.17 PMThe top 10 things consumers didn’t understand in 2013 (as reported on

1. What is Twerking

2. What is Ricin

3. What is DOMA

4. What is Molly

5. What is Gluten

6. What is Sequestration

7. What is Obamacare

8. What is Lupus

9. What is Snapchat

10. What is Bitcoin

The top 10 things User Insight helped businesses understand in 2013:

1. How to make content compatible across multiple platforms (web, mobile, tablet)

2. How to deliver a positive (and appropriate) mobile customer experience

3. How to understand customer behavior types: knowing customers needs, motivations, behaviors and preferences to customize experiences

4. Now that I know my customer types, how big are they, how do I size the market

5. What do customers deem valuable

6. What do consumers want from a portal, and more importantly, will they use a portal

7. Is the new site design ‘user friendly’; what usability issues exist

8. How to optimize sort and filtering so customers can narrow down results

9.How do people want to access information on the website, is it structured properly for the best experience

10. How to build consistent, unbiased, and cost effective user testing into a rapid agile development process


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