Advertisements Done “Right”

There’s a phrase we use here at User Insight to describe the oversight of ads in digital experiences; “banner blindness”.

Let me give you an idea of what I’m talking about:

We often watch users navigate e-commerce websites, quickly locate menu items, select filters, and browse through pages with ease. However, when asked if they could tell you what ads were being displayed in the right rail or along the top of the page without looking, most people wouldn’t be able to tell you because their brain has learned to turn off imagery and words that are placed in the peripherals of websites due to the fact that they are often times advertisements.

Much to my surprise I recently experienced the total opposite of banner blindness. I experienced banner boldness! While browsing through Pinterest on my mobile phone, I caught myself scrolling past an ad that matched my speed of scrolling; Parallax used in a surprisingly effective manner! In an environment where all the images were static, the ad actually evoked movement and caught my attention.

I scrolled up and down to ensure the movement was definitely being reflected based on my gestures. I thought, how neat! And then moved on. So of course the ad itself did not lure me in to click on it, but I did see it!

I assume the static beauty of Pinterest’s imagery will soon be cluttered with movement and banner blindness will emanate, but until then I found this to be an effective way of standing out on a screen where one was otherwise overlooked.

Here’s a video to show you the parallax ad in action. . .

Video Poster