An iPad App for Cats?

catI love my technology, and I also love my pets.  Fortunately, mobile devices have a variety of features that benefit animal lovers such as a calendar, a timer, access to online veterinary portals, and applications such as PetMD and Cesar Milan’s training tips.  I never thought I would find an app that was directly designed for use by my feline friend, Penny Lane.  I guess I never thought of cats as a user group for my smart phone or tablet.

That’s why I was surprised when recently a cat-loving friend of ours introduced me to a “cat app” This is definitely not a typical toy that I use to play with our animals. I was skeptical but very interested in exploring further.

I typed “Cats” into the app store search box and to my surprise there were several apps for cats including “Game for Cats”, “Game for Kittens”, and “Paint for Cats”. Of course I had to download all three immediately and give them a try! The apps all consist of a mouse or laser dot that moves quickly on the screen that the cat can paw and score points. Clever, simple and most of all innovative as developers have redefined gestural interaction for a whole new audience.

Penny immediately started chasing the little mouse on the screen and scoring points! It was so adorable and I was completely surprised she could not only see it but also wanted to play with it. In fact, she was so mesmerized by the game; every time I try to use the iPad she paws and tries to play with it.

As an animal lover, these apps for cats are truly revolutionary to me. I never thought an animal would be playing with a tablet device that I also use mange my day to day life. It’s remarkable that the tablet interface is accessible to such a diverse audience.  If apps can appeal to cats, who or even what else can app creators develop? The possibilities seem endless.

Paint for Cats is my favorite game to watch Penny play because she can create a share-able painting. Below is one of her masterpieces. Also check out this video clip of Penny Lane playing the Paint for Cats game.