Product Development

Is Convenience Draining American’s Bank Accounts?

As a UX Researcher/Architect at User Insight (Ui), I’m constantly trying out new services and products to evaluate the good, the bad, and the ugly to help inform my day-to-day consulting and market awareness. It will come to you as no surprise that...
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The Wearable Banana

I am Emily Keen, a new UX Strategist at User Insight. I am an Atlanta native and completed my Master’s degree in Industrial Design at Georgia Tech (Go Jackets!). My graduate research has been focused on user centered design and wearable technology....
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UX Best Practices: You are not the User

With a background in Product Design, the very first thing I was taught is just that, I am not the user. It is a lesson I took to heart and that simple statement shapes much of the work that I and other designers do. I understand that change and innovation...
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