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Three Tips to Prepare Your Prototype for Usability Testing

While it’s not mandatory for a prototype to be high-fidelity, getting it to a certain standard is essential for usability testing to be constructive and effective. Because low-fidelity prototypes are less fleshed out, they are more conducive to conceptual...
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Accessibility and Privacy Webinar LIVE!

UX, Usability and the Law April 23rd, 2019 at 12:00pm EST Hosted by the User Insight Accessibility Team Alaina Beaver, PhD Director of Accessibility Services Jodi Daniels, Director of Privacy Advisory Services REGISTER HERE Why You Should Not Wait Understanding...
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Why is this in Spanish?

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet… This familiar pseudo-Latin often marks the beginning of a larger block of placeholder gibberish. Dolorem ipsum, the source of the first two words is Latin for ‘pain itself’, and when testing a prototype that’s often...
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