Design Research & Wearable Technology

My last blog post touched on the importance of an iterative, user centered design approach for the development of successful wearable devices. But what does this mean for the way we work at User Insight?

An important consideration to bear in mind is wearables are on the body, evaluating the experience with a user can feel more personal and invasive than traditional digital evaluation. As wearable technology evolves, new opportunities emerge to integrate user needs and desires into that cycle.

For example, while basic usability testing for wearables can happen in the lab, more holistic user experience testing must be pushed out into the wild for in-home contextual studies. This requires finding new ways of recording information gathering in-the moment feedback from Users.

To learn more about how User Insight envisions the future of user research for wearable tech, come listen to President & CEO of User Insight, Kevin O’Connor’s thoughts at the Georgia Tech Symposium on Design & Wearable Technology.  Passionate about user experience and innovation, User Insight is proud to sponsor the first such event at Georgia Tech for wearable technology with a focus on design. The two-day program is aimed at design agencies looking to help develop new wearable tech solutions for clients, and business leaders seeking to bring wearable technologies to market.

Knowledge for making an effective, ready-for-market wearable is widely distributed across stakeholders– researchers, interaction designers, strategists, industrial designers and more. Georgia Tech is pulling together these key players from the design industry to talk about wearables and discuss the different roles and responsibilities in taking a wearable product to market. Keynote speakers Rehmi Post of Samsung Research and Mikko Malmivaara of Clothing+ will speak about their experiences as pioneers in wearable technology.

Sign up now before all the spots are filled, register here!