What if you could change who you are? Or change something about yourself that you’ve never been, well… too happy with. I’m not talking about dieting or going to a crossfit class a few times a week, I mean a major transformation. A transformation where you’re taking out the old and putting in the new.

For centuries we’ve been modifying our bodies through tattoos, piercings, diet, exercise and modern medicine. These modifications define our personalities and influence our behaviors. At User Insight we are continually looking at behaviors, challenging ourselves to define expressions, personality traits, and human computer interaction to create better experiences.

Now more than ever we see people changing their physical self through plastic surgery and electing to reshape their appearance to perform better and redefine their human experience. My question is, and this may be a long way off but, will we soon be prescribing our behaviors through a visit to the plastic surgeons office, ordering them in a catalog, downloading them into our bodies via a pill or even plugging ourselves in for the newest performance update? And if this were available, would you do it?

I recently came across an article in the Huffington post that named the top 6 body enhancements to look for in the next ten years. One topic, elective bionics, stated that we’re likely to see people “electing” for an upgrade on their fully functioning appendages to gain a competitive edge on the masses. Are we ready to take the inevitable leap into the future with technology by our side; Or should I say in our side. We wear it, program it, read it, and honestly how far do we allow ourselves to be distanced from technology at any one time? Two or Three feet? Let’s just say it surrounds us, an unrelenting evolution of technology that perpetuates society’s need to improve on perfection. We’re trapped in an evolutionary pattern in which we’re developing an insatiable appetite. We’re creating new tools that allow us to gain information faster, do our jobs quicker, and remove the superfluous periphery and banal norms of everyday life so we can fill that time cultivating plans to dream up the next big thing that will make us smarter, faster, and stronger.

According to the Huffington post, in as soon as ten years we will likely see not only the elderly trading in their legs through elective bionics, but will also have the option of exploring the following enhancement trends: implantable supports (surgically inserted support systems), cog-enhancers (pharmaceuticals that improve memory, productivity, and the ability to retain and apply information), stem cells (cells that potentially have the ability to become any cell within the body), designer babies (choosing gender, gene composition, range of intelligence of your future child), body modification (aesthetic transformation through cosmetic or aesthetic alteration).

Over the next couple of months, I’ll be creating a series of artwork exploring this idea of elective bionics with friends and co-workers here at User Insight with one question in mind: If you could change anything about your physical self, what would it be and why?

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