The Evolution of the Baby Monitor

babymonitor2As a mommy to be I have been researching the all the things you will need when the baby arrives such as car seats, strollers, toys, bottles, diapers, furniture, books, etc. One of the most important things on my list is a baby monitor. Our nursery is upstairs and our bedroom is downstairs. According to my parent friends, the new technology on baby monitors is amazing!

I remember when baby monitors were just a couple of walkie-talkies with static audio and no video. Now my parent friends say: “Audio and Video with the ability to move the camera is a MUST”! Parents say monitoring your baby via audio and video is a lifesaver! They love that they can hear what their baby is up to as well as see their baby. These features help them to judge whether the baby actually needs them or if the baby is just whimpering in their sleep. Using the monitor also gives parents “peace of mind.” They are happy to know their baby is ok by themselves. In turn, leaving their baby to sleep by themselves assists parents in the process of teaching their baby to sleep through the night.

Based on my research, following are a few new features from the latest and greatest baby monitors:

  1. Ability to both see and hear your baby clearly (in color) – – No need to rush to the nursery!  Your baby may not actually need you, they could be just dreaming or whimpering in their sleep
  2. Tilt, scan and zoom the camera using your monitor remote so you can see your baby in clear view
  3. Ability to watch and take your monitor outside – – Now you can take the dog out front without worrying about your baby
  4. Night vision
  5. Two way talking – – You can actually talk to your baby from your remote
  6. Turn on a lullaby using your monitor remote
  7. View your baby from your TV
  8. I have also seen some monitors that give you the ability to view the camera from your phone or tablet – – For those who want to see what the cat is up to while you are out of town

Baby technology has come a long way in a short time. No more walkie talkies – “That is so 90’s!”

Certainly the advancements in technology have made monitors more usable, but more important, they have significantly improved the overall user experience for parents.  Gathering feedback on products like baby monitors should drive short term tactical improvements as well as longer term strategic improvements in order to create the optimal user experience.

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