Five user findings that will continue to be valuable in 2019

As we move into the new year, we always find it is good practice to look back and reflect on what we’ve learned. Here at User Insight, we had the pleasure to meet with all types of individuals, who in UX we call the “User.” They shared with us their stories, thoughts, opinions, and understanding of the products we put in front of them. Below are the repeated user findings to continue to consider in 2019 when designing your visual assets.

They want to get to the point.
When Users are presented with text to read, we often observe them quickly scrolling up and down. They are reading the headlines, bullet points, and callouts, looking for specific areas of interest to read further. If they can’t find what they are looking for they are quick to move on or in some cases call customer service.

They love assistance.
Users prefer when a product is intuitive, but they also don’t mind some assistance. Since they often don’t have time to stop and think they appreciate steps to see progress as they move through a navigation flow. They also don’t intentionally look for visual cues, but they do expect to be provided with evident and clear direction. Users almost always opt to have forms prefilled for them and ways to save personal information within an account for future visits.

They want to get out quick.
Users don’t want long lengthy checkouts. Users say that they have already done the “work” to decide on what they are purchasing and once that decision has been made, they want to check out and get out.

They find comfort in consistency.
When design elements such as CTA’s or navigation buttons move around from screen to screen Users become confused and lost which causes frustrations and often drop-offs.

They want to be inspired.
Imagery plays a huge part in decision making, whether it be deciding on a rental property, purchasing a sweater, or booking a hotel.   When multiple, clear images are presented Users instantly imagine themselves using the product or service.

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