Effective recruiting for UX research

Inside Recruiting: Getting the Right People for User Experience Research

“We’re called User Insight because we want clients to knoImage for blogw that we are fixated on the USER and will do whatever we need to do to help our clients listen to their users.”

With Users at the core of everything we do, User Insight brought recruiting in-house to control quality, accommodate project volume, and to ensure our recruits are based on more than just demographics. What does it mean to have recruiting in-house? We have a full-time recruiting team that manages a 20,000+ person database focused in the Southeast, as well as a partner network of resources for projects conducted both domestic and internationally.

In-house Database: We start every project by matching our clients User specifications to respondents in our database. We are constantly updating our database with well-spoken, reliable people who are able to share their honest opinions on a variety of topics. Our database consists of multiple types of professions, industries, ages and Internet and technology usage.

Customized Behavioral Screeners: We take the recruiting process a step further by recruiting people based on core behaviors and motivations. What’s a core behavior and how do you recruit for it? We start by building a customized screener – we don’t recruit just anybody to show up for our projects – not only do we screen for our clients desired demographics and product usage we also screen respondents utilizing User Insight’s Persona DNA© knowledge.  Two people with the same demographics may react differently to a particular topic, User Insight knows how to ask additional questions to uncover people’s base behavior and motivations. These persona questions are customized for each project to ensure the right people are recruited, which means our clients get more meaningful feedback and results.

Recruiting Professionals Who Understand User Experience Research: The final step in a successful recruit is to call the potential respondent to verify their answers and ask a few questions. There are times when a respondent answers every question correctly, but when we call and talk to them conversationally, their personality doesn’t match their responses. We make sure a respondent’s personality shines through, even over the phone. We understand if it’s difficult for one of our recruiters to get someone talking or if someone is too talkative our moderators will struggle to find the answers our clients are looking for. Great user research starts with great people, we know what makes a great respondent and we know how to get them in front of our talented research team.

Double Recruit Every Interview: Even the best-laid plans can go awry, that’s where our experience comes into play. The longest hour of anyone’s day is sitting around waiting when a respondent doesn’t show up. Things happen, it’s inevitable: traffic, sickness, ticket, overslept…we could go on, you name it, we’ve heard it. To make sure our team and more importantly YOUR team isn’t sitting idle, we double recruit for each time slot to help ensure there is someone ready to give feedback. Sure, it is redundant but it is a tiny investment to make sure your time is well spent.

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If you have an opinion, are reliable and can give open and honest feedback User Insight is looking for you. We take great pride in having great participants. Get Ready for your User Experience by registering at and click on the Create a Profile button.  Also, tell your family and friends; we recruit nationwide and even conduct remote interviews! We could be calling you!