Man on the Street – February 2011 (Video)

For our first “Man on the Street” segment, the User Insight team hit the streets and interviewed people from all walks of life about their use of Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare.  We got their answers; some of the responses are surprising, some funny, and all are just down-right entertaining!   Watch our first “Man on the Street” segment below:

Man on the Street – February, 2011 from User Insight on Vimeo.

Do you know what any of the other terms refer to?  Tell us here!  We’d really love to hear what people think the “Player Please” badge is!

Just in case you were wondering, a dongle is a small piece of hardware that connects to your computer.

Also, please tell us what you’d like us to ask about for our next “Man on the Street”!


  1. stephen eighmey

    As a UI designer, the immediate value of this video is that it shows the sometimes great disparity between what people on the inside (designers, developers, people who work in these emerging technologies, etc.) and the “man on the street” are familiar with regarding what you might think is commonplace or second nature. I think it highlights the value of UI/UX and HCI in developing new products and services. Understand your user. Observe and listen. Design for the need.

  2. Stacy Shade

    Hi, Stephen!

    Thank you for your comments. I am really glad that you found our “Man on the Street” video to be useful. Just conducting these interviews was a reminder of the disparity you mentioned; it is so easy to forget otherwise. And yes, just as you said, it reminds us all over again why it is important to talk to and understand users.

    Do you have any questions or topics that you would like to see us cover when we conduct the next round of “Man on the Street” interviews? We’d love to hear your ideas. Thanks!