When it Comes to Social, Follow The Passion

Screen-shot-2012-03-06-at-12.58.44-PMRecently, I ran across this Mashable article on the launch of Jermaine Dupri’s own social network. I saw Jermaine Dupri about 10 years ago at a local bagel shop (I’m a true ATLien). Actually, to be honest, I saw Janet Jackson and a friend of mine pointed out Jermain Dupri who was sitting at the same table. Later that day, I told anyone who would listen to me about my brush with stardom…texted a few MJ fans and that was the end of it. If it had happened today, I would have snapped a photo and posted it on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook and shared it with thousands of my closest friends! But I’m still not sure I would have shared it on Global 14, Jermaine Dupri’s new social networking site.

Working in social media, it amazes me the number of still popular message boards, online forums, and thousands of online communities and platforms that exist independently of the three kings – Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn (sorry Google+). Whatever your passion is – cars, beer, photography, etc. there is an online community of some sort just a Google search away. What is truly amazing is the organic growth of these communities. I don’t see Mashable writing a story about them every day, it’s just normal folks gathering around a common interest; and if you don’t share the passion, you would blow right past it.

Follow the Passion

While it’s difficult to keep tabs on all of the maintained and rising platforms that exist, as a marketing professional in any industry, you have to know who your customers are and what types of passions align with your brand. That way, you can better tailor your content and develop and place messaging where it will be effective and seen. You won’t find me on Global 14, but maybe your target audience will be the group that takes it to the top.