The Results of Being Followed

We asked, you answered.

A while back I wrote a blog about the recent transparency behind how much our phones are watching us. For example, being made aware of traffic conditions based on your upcoming calendar event or being faced with an advertisement of the exact same pair of boots you looked up on a site recently. Some people find this sort of intelligence creepy, while others think it’s really cool!

At the end of the above mentioned blog article, we created a short survey to collect how you felt about these sort of features in order to help us gauge how people are responding to the efforts.

(If you did not get the chance to read the blog, click here to see Virtual Assistants – Convenient or Creepy?)

The results were nearly split between those who find it creepy and those who find it cool, but in the end, most of you feel it is cool! Overall, you do not like companies knowing your online behavior for advertising purposes, but when they push you helpful information, you become more tolerant.

We also wanted to gauge how the public is feeling about the upcoming integration of wearable gadgets. Currently, 67% of you feel it’s a silly idea. However, with the Apple Watch becoming available in early 2015 we will be interested to see how people’s feelings change once the watch is released.

Below you will find the final stats to a few of our favorite questions from the survey:

Creepy or Cool.003

Creepy or Cool.001

Creepy or Cool.002

So, this was only a shallow look into the opinions of online behavior, but stay tuned as we are excited to present you with more questions and answers in the near future regarding the trends and features of technology.

Again, thank you for your responses!