Social TV Experiment

The Social TV Experiment

User Insight is investing $500,000 of our own resources in 2011 to conduct The Social TV Experiment, an internal research project that will take you through the full life cycle of applying user research to inform product design.  This post outlines the scenario, our approach and next steps.

The Social TV Experiment Update – Starting our Persona Work

Our team discusses our recommendation to begin the Social TV Experiment project with persona work.  We share the screener and ask for readers’ feedback on the use of personas in the product development lifecycle.

The Social TV Experiment Update – Couch Potato Confessions

Our researchers hit the road to conduct the Social TV Experiment contextual interviews.  We visited a wide range of households, completing 40 interviews over a 4-day period.  In this first round of contextual interviews, we share a few observations of things that we think will be important in the formation of our personas.

Voice – Powered by User Insight

As we work through the Social TV Experiment, we will be utilizing Voice, User Insight’s proprietary research platform. Voice serves as a repository for all of the information associated with every project we deliver.

Top 5 Narrative Writing Tips + “War Room” Footage

After completing 40 contextual interviews over a 4-day period, or researchers and strategists conducted what we call “war room” analysis.  With data from the interviews in hand, they discussed, analyzed, argues and analyzed some more until, finally, they emerged with user types and descriptive narratives to go with them!

Getting to our Social Media TV User Map

With data and narratives from our Social TV Experiment contextual interviews in hand, User Insight’s strategists were tasked with constructing an infographic to visually highlight the user profiles and to demonstrate how each one relates to each other.  UX strategist, Dale Kim, reflects on the process.

Social Media TV User Map

Our Social Media TV User Map plots consumers according to their enthusiasm for TV, their social media usage and technology usage. You can view the user map here on Flickr or you can register for access to Voice to download your own copy of the User Map.

Why We’re Ignoring User “X” and So Should You

Inevitably, when you take a look at our Social Media TV User Map, you think of a friend, family member or neighbor that just doesn’t fit one of the five user profiles and it makes you ask the question “where do they fit?”  It’s a great question and one that many of you are likely asking…

Social TV Experiment Update: Q2

As we continue our Social TV Experiment, we’re looking to finalize the behavioral based screener for the up-coming lab days and finalize the discussion guide for the interviews that will take place in mid-May.

Social TV Experiment Update: Lab Days

Check out our Lab Day slideshow and our Flickr page. Also, view the screener for the study as well as the discussion guide…

How Social Media is Changing Television As We Know It

User Insight’s article on social TV was recently featured in UX Booth! In the article, Kevin O’Connor explains why social TV matters to us all and shines a spotlight on our Social TV Experiment.

Social TV Experiment Update: In-Lab Interview Examples

Want a peek into the in-lab interviews conducted for the Social TV Experiment? Well, you’re in luck! View the video below for a sample.

Social TV Experiment Update: Who’d We Talk To?

Following the Social TV Experiment and wanting an update on who all we’ve talked to so far? Not a problem! Here’s a recap!

Social TV Experiment: Q2 Recap

Let’s take a step back and go over how our team conducted the second round of user research. Our objectives this round were to 1) Analyze the targeted persona research interviews 2) Finalize the personas 3) Map social TV products and services back to the personas…

We have created public access for all of our followers so that you can see how Voice works and all of the artifacts and deliverables for the Social TV Experiment.Click here to gain access to Voice in order to see the screener, discussion guide, and infographic from the Social TV Experiment!