Spoil Me and I’ll Spoil You

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One of the key ingredients to any happy, working relationship is to treat each other with respect.  It’s one of the few mandates I have as a manager: be respectful. I overheard a conversation this morning between two colleagues getting ready for travel to San Francisco next week that made me smile (this is paraphrased, but you’ll get the gist of it):

A: Why don’t you give me all the respondent cards and sign-in sheets for next week.

B: Are you sure? I don’t mind.

A: You’ve got enough on your plate; I’ll take care of that so you can focus on the research.

Seemingly a small conversation, but it was so telling of how we work here at User Insight.  It reminded me of something my mother shared with me before I got married:

The key to a great relationship is to spoil each other without expecting anything in return.

To me, this is foundational for a respectful work place – treat people how you’d like to be treated. But if you take it one step further and “spoil” your co-workers by doing small things like getting a cup of coffee unexpectedly (Starbucks venti vanilla latte, please and thank you), deliver a gourmet caramel, offer to help someone when they are swamped, provide a shoulder to cry on, share a joke and the like…you get a great environment and greater work satisfaction in return. I’m lucky in that the list above are all things that happened to me this past week and these types of things happen all throughout our company – what a great place to work!

Rachel Walsh of User InsightWhat have you done today or this week to “spoil” your co-workers, friends and loved ones? 

What could you do?