Do What You Love, the Rest WIll Fall in Place: 9/11 and User Insight and my Paw Paw

Over the years I have been fortunate to work in a wide range of jobs. Early on I had a few of my own companies, all 1-3 person teams. Then I spent a lot of money to become educated and got a job as a commercial banker. I moved on from there to learn about...
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Are your tools helping or hurting your business?

We use tools to help us maintain high standards and provide uniformity, but we can’t allow our strengths to become our weakness as the world evolves around us. At User Insight, we help companies ensure common tools used to produce repeatable success...
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2013 Review: Top 10 things consumers and businesses needed help understanding

  The top 10 things consumers didn’t understand in 2013 (as reported on 1. What is Twerking 2. What is Ricin 3. What is DOMA 4. What is Molly 5. What is Gluten 6. What is Sequestration 7. What is Obamacare 8. What is Lupus 9. What...
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