Taking A Look At Don’t Be Right, Be Batman

Would you buy something from a company with a policy like this?

  • Pay attention to the delivery estimate when choosing your shipping method for your orders. Pay attention, also, to the literal meaning of the word “estimate”.
  • Once an item ships out, you can access your tracking data by going to account and clicking on the order number. If you have a problem receiving your order, or you receive the wrong item, contact service.
  • If you receive your item and it doesn’t work, contact the manufacturer first. They made the junk. Let them deal with it. If they turn out to be total tools, contact service@ and we’ll grudgingly provide some further assistance.
  • If you receive your item and decide you don’t like it, hold a garage sale or pawn it off on one of your so-called friends. We don’t want it, either.

Are they crazy?

No, I would argue that they have chosen a lane and are sticking with it.

In fact, I just purchased something from this company and subscribed to their daily emails. Read that again. It says DAILY EMAILS. This company is

The key is that Woot knows their customer and knows how to speak to them. That is, with some attitude and a pinch of disdain for ignorance.

There are a couple of ways to make sure you are accomplishing the type of rapport has with their customer base. The best way is to simply talk to your customers to understand who they are and what they expect from your company. There is no magic bullet, no “right” way to write copy.  Sometimes being cut and dry about what the rules are appeals to your customer base. Even if the rules are flexible, it provides the feeling of going against the grain or outwitting the system when customers are allowed to break them. Your customers may want and even appreciate that.

It’s like when Batman takes the fall for Harvey Dent’s assassination at the end of “The Dark Knight” saying, “I’m whatever Gotham needs me to be.” It doesn’t mean he’s a bad guy.  It means if Gotham needs to think of him as a bad guy in order for him to serve them, then so be it.

Be Batman! Take a look at your brand. Does it speak to the audience you want it to in the way they need to hear it?