The Big Show

Panel-300x200As you likely know, our team here at User Insight put on a big event to showcase the social TV persona research we did throughout this year. It was a full house – we had the likes of Yahoo!, Cox iTV, PR Newswire, Weiden & Kennedy, Bluefin Labs, Youtoo and many others! The speakers talked about the emerging social TV space and how user research and personas play into product development, messaging, content and advertising; and we streamed it all live out on the Web!

The event generated a lot of chatter, driving the greatest spike in Twitter conversation in one single day around #SocialTV. Even though the event was virtual, it still had a hometown presence as we were an Atlanta trending topic on Twitter during the event.

We’ve got great news if you missed it! Even though the live event date has passed, you can catch the full footage:

You can also find all of the Event video you’d like and more on User Insight’s YouTube channel:

If you’d prefer quick 30 second to 1 minute highlights, check us out at

Finally, you can get to know our Social TV Personas in a number of ways:

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