The CW’s Gossip Girl: a Social Media Revolution

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The finale of Gossip Girl was this past Monday and while watching the show I realized that the TV show featuring Manhattan elites, Serena, Blair, Chuck, Dan, Nate and their crew completely revolutionized the social media world. Their lives were displayed by a lonely blogger who was interested in their problematic and upper class lifestyle. The website named Gossip Girl, quickly became the main source “into the scandalous lives of Manhattan’s elite”. Peers of this upper east side group would check, follow, and receive push notifications religiously to learn the latest gossip about this particular group, whose world was based on high class living, partying, popularity, fashion and beauty. The Gossip Girl site was powered by relentless revealing photos and scandalous video clips from all of Gossip Girl’s followers and even from the elite group. These “tips”, that were sent in anomalously to Gossip Girl, were able to spread gossip quickly and cause scandals between families and/or friends.

Gossip Girl revolutionized social media and exhibited a world where life revolves around the internet and mobile communication even before instant communication and sharing became extremely popular in our real-life world.  Zoe Fox’s article on describes Gossip Girl as a “pioneer in its use of mobile”. Explaining that the technology on the show evolved with smart phones, GPS location, high definition video and live streaming which in turn caused chaos for the group of the elites as their complicated lives were instantly displayed on the internet. As we watched the Gossip Girl characters use the latest and greatest technology we as watchers of the show developed the same habits in our real world communication and social life with the use of  Facebook, Instagram, Foursquare and Twitter on our mobile devices. I sincerely believe that watching this show has contributed in creating this generation that “thrives on Facebook likes, receives validation from blog hits and is turned on by retweets”- Zoe Fox.

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