The Power of First Impressions

DSC_0104Most people know that first impressions are extremely important. A first impression, good or bad, sets the tone for much of the coming relationship. In fact, without a good first impression there may not be an opportunity for a second. Consider for a moment why this is. It’s the way that human beings process information. We use knowledge of the past to fuel present actions and emotions. Emotions flavor perception and perception inscribes new learnings into our brains for future use. It is a difficult cycle to break, and it applies to websites, software, and products as much as it does to people.

First impressions are a balance between the visual design (how does it look?) and usability (how does it work?). A first impression for a website could be a first time unique visitor, for software it starts with the installation process and first launch, and for a product it is the unboxing and powering on. Because of this, it’s important that you make it easy and even enjoyable for people to get started with your offering.

Clear calls to action, abbreviated setup for layman users, good usability and an overall pleasing aesthetic from all of the initial touch points of a product can help set the foundation for the entire experience going forward. Pay attention to the user’s first impression, and you’ll find the ongoing opinion of your offering more positive.


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