The Social TV Event

Big news! We’re hosting an interactive, virtual conference taking place on October 20, 2011 from 9:00am – 5:00pm EST. The day’s line-up includes pioneers in the social TV industry including Tom Thai, market and sales strategy lead at Bluefin; Hillary Henderson, product director of Clearleap; Joe Conboy, director, product management iTV of Cox Communications; Dee Rambeau, vice president of customer engagement of PR Newswire; Derek Van Nostran, vice president of brand strategy at The Weather Channel; Chad Eikhoff, creative director of Trick 3D; Eric Holtzclaw, CEO of User Insight; Dee McBeth, Sr. Digital Strategist of Wieden + Kennedy; Kevin O’Connor, president of User Insight; Chris Snider, senior project manager of Yahoo!; Dave Mowrey, director, connected devices of Yahoo! and Mitchel McAlister, director of product of Yidio.


Join our President, Kevin O’Connor, as he describes this virtual event!