The Trouble With Internet Security

Are you casual about internet security? Mac users, please take note: no malware, spyware, worms or trojans were involved in the hacking of Mat Honan.

I’m sure by now you all have heard about the effects of former Gizmodo writer, Mat Honan’s devastating experience with hackers. Here is a somber, first-hand account from Mr. Honan published on

While Mr. Honan ultimately blames himself for the hack that resulted in the loss of a year’s worth of data (notably, “those irreplaceable pictures of my family, of my child’s first year and relatives who have now passed from this life”), his ordeal does highlight some flaws in the way companies such as Amazon and Apple handle customer data. For example, “If you have an AppleID, every time you call Pizza Hut, you’ve giving the 16-year-old on the other end of the line all he needs to take over your entire digital life.”

The hackers who laid waste to eight years worth of Mr. Honan’s emails didn’t have to write and deploy a complex virus to harvest his information. They simply made a few phone calls.

Lifehacker offers some solid tips to augment your online security, including two-factor authentication for Gmail, which I highly recommend.  Remember everyone using the Internet is at risk unless you take proper steps to secure your data.