The UX of Me

I’m one of those optimists, a larger than life idealist who believes that user experience applies to everything not just computers or websites but even to animals and people.

The overall process of improvement applies:

Establish the desired outcome (look at the whole system),

Identify issues or challenges,

Take corrective action,


I am always working to improve things – including myself! My latest endeavor is to memorize the military phonetic alphabet. The issue is that many letters in the English language sound similar, but the military has all but resolved that issue. I just need to apply their solution to myself. That way the next time I spell my name on the phone to a bank or confirm the spelling of something said by someone else, I can be more assured that we truly understand each other.

ICAO Phonetic Alphabet


Code Word


A Alfa AL fah
B Bravo BRAH voh
C Charlie CHAR lee
D Delta DEL tah
E Echo EKK oh
F Foxtrot FOKS trot
G Golf Golf
H Hotel HO tell
I India IN dee ah
J Juliet JEW lee ett
K Kilo KEY loh
L Lima LEE mah
M Mike Mike
N November NOH vem ber
O Oscar OSS car
P Papa PAH pah
Q Quebec keh BECK
R Romeo ROW me oh
S Sierra see AIR ah
T Tango TANG go
U Uniform YOU nee form
V Victor VIK ter
W Whiskey WISS key
X X-ray EKS ray
Y Yankee YANG kee
Z Zulu ZOO loo