Travel Personas: Top 5 Reasons to Plan a Cruise

You won’t believe me but I have been on at least 25 cruises, and I am only 29. Yes, I have cruised a lot in my life, one or two cruises every year and counting!

Recently User Insight developed travel personas for a client, and being that travel is of great interest to me, I thought I would try to place myself as an avid cruiser. According to User Insight’s recent research, a Maximizer organizes their trip to a tee. They want everything pre-booked and planned before the vacation, and this person is usually the driver for everyone. They want everything to run smoothly so that nothing is left to chance when it comes to having a great time. This is so me!

I desire no loose ends and I don’t like unpredictability on my trip. I want to make sure my days are filled with all the things I want to do and I prefer to stay in a room that accommodates my needs. A set schedule is a must. I pre-plan activities each day so that we have something to look forward to, like a show or an excursion. I want a room near my friends, with a balcony view. These are just a couple of my telltale Maximizer needs. Below are some of the reasons why I feel that a cruise is the best vacation option if you’re a Maximizer like me!

  1. The ship is a moving resort! A cruise allows you to visit several destinations in one trip while your luggage and room moves with you. No layovers, no packing and unpacking, no switching hotel rooms. Simply the best way to travel from place to place and see the world!
  2. There is never a dull moment on a cruise ship! There are always things to do; eat, drink, hit the fitness center, go to the spa, go duty free shopping in the promenade, ride the water slides, climb the rock wall, zip line over the ship, ice skate, surf off the back of the boat on the FlowRider, lose your money in the casino, dance, or even a enjoy simple game of Shuffleboard (if you are into that). Not only are these activities available all day, but each day you receive an itinerary of scheduled activities that includes games such as trivia, scavenger hunts, and sports tournaments, movies, demonstrations, dancing, parades, live shows, live bands/singers and more! Every morning I review the itinerary with my family and friends vacationing with us to plan our day.
  3. The scheduled dinners every night! This is my favorite time of the day. Each night on the cruise you have a set time for dinner and an assigned table to enjoy with your fellow travelers. I always give myself two hours before dinner to “dress up” and get ready for this event and the night to come. I enjoy that you have the same servers every night so that they understand your preferences. For instance, I always ask ahead of time for a cheese plate when we arrive at our table every night, and having the same server ensures this perk is always waiting for us when we sit down. YUM.
  4. The excursions! Cruise ships allow for several pre-approved excursions in each location which allows you to enjoy an array of new experiences. I feel extra safe when we venture out knowing that these excursions have been pre-approved. Recently we attacked a ropes/zip-line treetop course through a mango jungle. A tough feat, but what a rush climbing and zipping high above the ground!
  5. The hospitality! The ship is always well kept. All areas of the ship are cleaned, picked up, and fully sanitized day and night. My stateroom bed is always made and my room is always clean. I don’t have to do laundry, pick up dishes or empty cups, and the attendant even makes time to create an animal out of the towels every night! On top of all this attention, the crew is so friendly and always there to make sure your cruise is memorable.

So the next time you start to plan a trip, think about what type of traveler you are, and see how it affects your vacations. Now that I know I am a Maximizer, maybe I should consider a vacation day without any scheduled plans and RELAX!