Ui Presents From Around the Web: Personas

Screen Shot 2013-09-13 at 12.41.25 PMIndie Young, User Experience Researcher & Speaker for Rosenfeld Media, writes about Personas in her post The Squabble Over Personas: It Turns Out There Are Enough for Everyone and states, “The key is to recognize that there are different casts of characters involved with the various services your organization has to offer. Remind everyone across your organization that relying on one set of personas is misleading.”

Here at User Insight, we do not disagree with her approach to personas. However, with our approach we do it all at once and use the features and functionality matrix to show different reactions to different things someone might offer; and in this case, reactions to accidents and purchasing behavior. One could argue that there’s a pattern which actually shows that the different persona groups are actually one group when looked at through different lenses, which is why lensing exercises are important.

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