Ui Staffing

Ui Staffing offers full-service placement capabilities with a focus on creative related skill sets.  Our collective expertise will provide you with a unique advantage in candidate location, portfolio evaluation, and selection. All Permanent and Contractor placements include discounts on User Insight Full-Service Research and Design Projects


With 20+ years in relationships in and around the Atlanta area, Ui will locate, evaluate, and provide consultants for specialized projects across all industries and chosen skill sets.

  • Each consultant will come with a dedicated Ui employee to provide strategic recommendations at no extra cost.
  • Each contractor will be eligible for full benefits through Ui creating a longer term solution for your team.
  • We require a minimum of 90 days for each project.

Direct Hire Placement

With vast knowledge in UX/UI across all industries and other creative skill sets, Ui is an ideal partner to provide appropriately selected and evaluated talent for your team’s growth or needs.Ui requires a 20% fee for all direct hire/permanent placements along with a 2 week exclusive.

Skill Sets:

  • UX Designers/Researchers/Developers, Interaction Designers
  • UI Designers/Developers/Architects, Front End
  • Customer Experience, Content Strategy, Creative Strategy
  • Visual/Motion Designers
  • Leadership

Get in Touch

Please Contact Garrett Brown by email gbrown@userinsight.com or by calling 678-525-1858