User Insight Pivots for COVID-19 to Keep Mental Health Training Going

In these unprecedented times, our industry has an obligation to be more innovative than ever before.  User Insight recently partnered with Alive and Well to design an online system that will provide mental health training to Georgia therapists.  This initiative is part of a larger nationwide project to train thousands of therapists in evidence-based practices through an online training platform.  The first training was scheduled to take place in person March 27 and 28.  Though a great deal of planning had gone into this event, one factor that had not been anticipated was a global pandemic.  The in-person training obviously had to be canceled, so we gathered together our team and our technology partners and created an innovative solution called Ui Studios.  We designed and implemented the necessary technology and process within 48 hours.  As a result, instead of training 25 therapists in person in Savannah, we trained 103 therapists online from our newly created, live streaming studio in our User Experience Facility in Sandy Springs.

Here is a clip to show you what happened.

We developed a seamless method utilizing a live production feed with various picture in picture inputs like PowerPoint and video content streamed through wifi. We captured the visual learning materials by zooming in when they were the main focus. Using different angles, we created a feeling for the audience as if they were actually in the building.  By using a live moderator that was well versed in the curriculum we were able to shorten the training by answering questions people missed in real time. Questions were discussed after each break, which kept the training running smoothly. Not only did this innovative approach to training save the attendees money on travel and lost work time, but it also was delivered with no audio issues or crashing of the platform because of audience size.  Additionally, this method allowed participants to network and share resources and information among themselves in a way that would be difficult to replicate in an in-person environment.  Our goal is always about the optimal user experience to get the best possible information to the audience. From our responses, we feel like this wasn’t just a necessary step because of COVID-19, but it was actually the necessary step for training and communications to large groups of people for the future.

3 platforms - computer, tablet, phone

The result was nothing less than amazing!  All 103 therapists loved the experience, and we are now in the process of planning the rest of 2020 trainings from Ui Studios.  Gale Macke of LPCA who set up the Savannah training said, “This was an innovative pivot.  I was devastated the training in Savannah had to be canceled after so much work to set it up and we lost the opportunity for our members to network.  But User Insight came up with this solution and I couldn’t be happier with the results. We are now looking at ways to not only complete our commitment to the mental health training sessions for 2020, but also what other trainings we can conduct through this service offering.”

Kevin O’Connor, President of User Insight, said, “I can’t thank ICON Media enough for their knowledge of the Blackmagic audio and video system they implemented for us.  Brian Gore of ICON ( is amazing and he came up with a solution within hours of my challenge.  Just as important, GoodWolf Studios ( brought their production experience and state of the art cameras to the table to pull off this training.  It was a true team effort and I am very proud of the team we assembled to leverage the state of the art audio/video technology in our User Experience Facility.”

As a result of this experience, the American College of Psychotherapy (, who certifies the training, has decided to conduct portions of their Continuing Education Classes using Ui Studios.  Wayne Hulon, Founder and CEO of ACPSY said, “This is an innovative solution that our industry needs.  It allows for an immersive experience our therapists are looking for at this time and the ability to go far beyond traditional video conferencing to ensure the highest quality of training for our members.”   Dr. Ted Liberty, of the American Board of Psychotherapy,  has confirmed that because of the endorsement of the American College of Psychotherapy, all CE units will apply toward Board Certification.

User Insight is proud to offer this service to our clients moving forward.  If you have conferences or large team meetings, partner or industry meetings that require a more immersive experience that goes well beyond a technology like Zoom or Google Hangouts, this may be an alternative for you.  We can stream your event live from our studio in Sandy Springs through WIFI to any number of people nationwide.  Give us a call to get more information at 770-391-1099 or email us at