Voice, Powered by User Insight (Video)

As we work through our Social TV Experiment, we will be utilizing Voice, User Insight’s proprietary research platform. Voice serves as a repository for all of the information associated with every project we deliver.  We have created public access for you so you can see how Voice works and all of the artifacts and deliverables for the Social TV Experiment.  This week, you can view the screener used for our most recent recruit. You can also view the discussion guidethat we used last week to conduct the first round of contextual interviews. Click here to gain access to Voice in order to see the screener and discussion guide.

After reviewing the screener and discussion guide, give us your thoughts here!  What would you do differently?  What questions do you have about our approach?

After registering for access to Voice, check out the quick demo below! Our president, Kevin O’Connor, will guide you through the platform

Voice Demo on Vimeo.