Weekly Insights – January 23rd – 27th

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Michael’s Insights:

This article includes some interesting thoughts from IDEO on the future of retail stores. Things like this will help to keep brick and mortar stores relevant as more and more of our purchases are made online. I also think it’s interesting how many of these things Apple stores have been doing for a while now.

This product combines three of my favorite things: clean, minimalist design, coffee, and awesome kitchen gadgets. And, you can control it with your iPhone / iPad to boot! I want one of these. In fact, I want one of these a lot.

From Mashable this week – it’s going to be very interesting to watch as more and more educational materials go online for free. How is this going to change how people think about higher education?

Beth’s Insights

I love going halfsies. @lindsey_bean and I just went halfsies the other night at a restaurant downtown. I have to agree with this article that, realistically, restaurant portions are generally way oversized. It’s one of the reasons why I love tapas. But back to the article: I think it’s a great idea to donate these funds. It can be hard to remember that people in our country, quite possibly within walking distance of our communities and companies, are going without. I love the idea of halfsies, but I second the question of what to do with the leftover food. Harvesting and distributing leftover food from any restaurant or bakery is really a huge challenge. But, on the bright side, for everyone who decides to go halfises, it means that you have more room for dessert or post dinner coffee when you’re done!

Darryl’s Insights

The OK / Cancel site ( hasn’t been updated for years, but the UX-related comics contained in there still ring funny today.

And, for more comic goodness, visit I’ve been following this one off and on for about 11 years now. In fact, I just made it my homepage so I can see the daily updates. Enjoy!

Darryl’s on Twitter @UX_Life.