Weekly Insights April 2nd – 6th

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Darryl Prince of User InsightDarryl’s Insight

The entire User Insight office knows my big news by now: I’m getting a puppy soon. So, when the Weekly Insights came around, I wondered if anyone had done any research on user experiences for dog toys (I like outside the box studies). Well, I didn’t find anything like that, but I did stumble upon this Flickr Gallery filled with pictures of some of the UX communities’ furry friends –> You’re welcome.

As a side note, I’ve been thinking about UX for animals ever since I saw videos like this one (shared with me by Allison Guyton) of a Bearded Dragon playing Ant Crusher on an Android smartphone ( and this one of a cat playing a “Game for Cats” on an iPad (

How can we make these experiences more rewarding for the animals? More interestingly, how do you measure success? Find Darryl on Twitter @UX_Life.


Michael Pate of User InsightMichael’s Insight

This is an interesting article from Smashing Magazine on collaging as a method for user research.  I like the idea of using collages because it can help  to get at people’s thoughts and feelings when they can’t necessarily put them into words.  Sometimes using images can really cut to the heart of a matter.  Plus, it gives you some really powerful physical artifacts at the end of a study!