Google’s Personalized Search: Creepy? Or The Future of Search?

googleYes, you can read all about it on Fast

“Some might call that a creepy amount of shared data. Others might call it the future.”

Very interesting to keep an eye on Google Now. The thought of behavior-based customization is a hot topic and one that we explore in our lab and through ethnographic, contextual research. Users always talk about their desire for customization. However, when you observe most pages or behavior,  it’s really a small set of individuals that actually spend the time to change their presets for that ‘custom’ feel.

Finding the balance between helpful and creepy is an interesting challenge right now for companies. If they get the customization piece right, people will love the intuitiveness of it. Yet, if the customization isn’t well executed, it will open the product up for criticism. Creepy? It could be, but it’s all about the execution.