By Our Powers Combined, We Have… Better Data Security

Ford-France-Keyfree-Login-Password-Verification-Without-A-KeyboardI ran across an interesting article about an app briefly sighted in the wild (but not currently available) from Ford Motor Company. Surprisingly, this app originated to allow you keyless entry to your car via phone, but ended up opening the door to a much wider realm of functionality in adding a smart layer of security into your own personal battery of digital devices. The essential function of Ford’s KeyFree app started around the idea of keyless entry, and ended up as a Chrome extension that allows the user to input their login credentials to the extension, and when an approved device gets near the computer you’re currently using (Mac only for now I believe), it will automatically log you in to those applications governed by KeyFree. In essence, all you have to do is have your phone in your pocket when you walk up to your computer to have instant access to anything from your Gmail account to your Twitter feed. There are currently services out their that will aggregate your passwords, generate strong passwords, and auto-populate the log in fields, but none that accomplish the task so effortlessly. It distills the whole password mechanism back down to the task you want to accomplish: “Hey, this is my personal stuff, I want access this information but not anyone else.” I love that from a UX standpoint, and think that’s a great perspective to take. By utilizing a two-device authentication procedure you remove a lot of risk, except of course once someone figures out how to hack and spoof your authentication. I probably sound like a conspiracy theorist by this point, but society’s evolving expectations of security and privacy are just endlessly interesting to me!