Weekly Insights March 5th – March 9th


Rachel Walsh of User InsightRachel’s Insights

Email Infographic! One of my pet peeves is the “reply to all” button on email. I think it is over used and abused. As someone who deals with hundreds of emails a day, I appreciate, discretion and brevity (in that order). The other thing that drives me nuts is spam. Not the stuff that comes from a bot but the well intentioned forwards from friends and family.  They usually start off with the same intro – I never send emails like this but this was too cute not to share…I saw this info graphic a few weeks back and thought it was a good PSA:

Downton Abbey Cocktails: What’s not to love, why not curl up with some English drama and “Sybi,l” “Edith,” or “Mary” beverage:

Michael Pate of User Insight

Michael’s Insights

It’s pretty awesome to see how social media can genuinely help people in emergency situations. I know that I tend to use Twitter as a real-time search engine because when something’s happening, chances are someone’s tweeting about it. However, it hadn’t occurred to me that emergency services could leverage those tweets to help pinpoint where they should send emergency responders. Very cool stuff.


John Morgan of User Insight

John’s Insight

I like to believe we live seamless lives. Insights from work often inform our avocations and vice-versa. My colleague, Allison Guyton, gave us an insightful post last week about what old photos from our attics tell us about ourselves and our past.

At User Insight, we audio and video record all user sessions and take snapshots of users in their homes and businesses to show a context for further explaining respondents’ behavior and words.

As an avocation I’ve been working on a history of a college seminary I attended in the 1960s.  I spent many hours in two archives and with a New York historian.  In addition to thousands of documents I’ve seen hundreds of photos that not merely compliment what I’m writing but also suggest new avenues and connection to pursue.

I’m sharing some of these photos in a personal blog I started to encourage anyone associated with St. Michael’s Mission House to share their insights and thoughts to create a more holistic history of this college.