Weekly Insights May 21st – 25th


Lindsey Whitefield of User InsightLindsey’s Insight

Anti-Virus, Apple, Android Secruity

Apple will not allow Kaspersky to develop an antivirus app for iOS, in response a Kaspersky co-founder warns that this will ultimately mean disaster for Apple when it’s device owners are left with no protection.

Though the article does not go into great depth on any single point, it does bring up some interesting tidbits about both the security measures built into and vulnerabilities of iOS, if you’re interested in the fascinating world of Internet security, this article might be a good starting point for further research.



Rachel Walsh of User InsightRachel’s Insight

The Way We Shop

It is interesting to see how companies adapt to User behavior and break tried and true molds to “take commerce to the next level”. Today, consumers really can have it their way; if your company isn’t paying attention to Users’ behavior and motivations to help your team evolve your product, you’re doing it wrong (and I bet one of your competitors will do research and get it right).