X-Ray Banner Ad Suckered Me In!

I was browsing IMDb tonight and did something the average user will never admit to. I clicked on a banner ad! They suckered me in and drove me to:

I believe I was lured in by the image of Elizabeth Banks from the Hunger Games.  My family and I will be watching the Hunger Games this weekend and actually had been browsing IMDb for information about the sequel’s casting.

I was really excited to discover something like this. This is a pretty direct hit by Amazon on a truly as yet “undiscovered country” in the digital world. The 2nd screen revolution is coming, and this might be the 1st shot that reaches a truly broad audience. During the research investigation that User Insight did about the convergence of Social Media and Entertainment last year we uncovered a lot of the points where Amazon and IMDb got it right on this one.

First let’s look at the clear value proposition introduced by –Col Needham

“X-Ray revolutionizes the way we watch movies, offering an immediate and easy way to know ‘Who’s that guy?’ and ‘What’s he been in?’ Backed by the millions of pieces of data in IMDb’s catalog, X-Ray will change the way you watch, discover and enjoy movies—movie lovers will have to see it to believe it.”

Col Needham, IMDb founder and CEO

The unique value proposition that they are offering movie junkies is another “data stream” that promises to be immediate & easy to access. 

This feature was very important to users like Chatty Cathy and Passionate Penny about how an app can truly enhance their media consumption experience.

There are a lot up and comers in the 2nd Screen app market place but none have offered something likes X-Ray that includes features that satisfy the basic wants and needs of an immersive experience seeker. The bonus is that it is all on one screen!

This app has me reconsidering my planned upcoming purchase of a Google Nexus. The new Kindle Fire might be the better way to go.